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Yelling Out My Mental Disorders

by Nor Amirah

Publisher - Nor Amirah

Category - General Novel


A person can be vulnerable after holding on for quite a long time of one mental health until one could not cope anymore. One could feel hopeless, useless, worthless and lifeless all at the same time. These feeling are so strong that the inner struggle feel like unbearable. It feels like a living corpse, feeling numb.

This is my journey to get up and seek help in order to normal or “human” again. It involves a lot of people including psychiatrists, psychologist, family, friends ang many more. Hopefully it will help to open our eyes about mental illness patient’s journey navigating their journey through mental illness throughout the day.

This is an honest and genuine experience by a real patient, how one struggles through the ups and downs and also relapses of the illness. The intention of this story is to create awareness about the struggle mental illness patients face and also to tell people what is really going on within the patients who struggles everyday with it.

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