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Management Platter - Lesson Learnt

by Ross Rozani

Publisher - Lesson Learnt

Category - Autobiography & Biography

To learn many things in life by experience is to have an open mind, some says, always “expect the unexpected”, observe, listen, clarify, and learn.

When something does not go right, we tend to look for culprit to blame. Sort of to point our finger. That is not very prudent, as we could be the one being the actual culprit! Knowledge is always the Key! The best that I learned in University of Life is to mentally and/ or physically trace back to what I have done, what I have been through, to ascertain the source contributing to the problem, not the culprit! It is important so that I could resolve the issue prudently.

It is also said, a good manager do the right thing and a smart manager do thing right! So, why can’t we do the right thing right? that is the most honorable challenge!

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